Frank and Mimi Review
Jim and Darlene | Holbrook Realty Group

Frank grew up in Thousand Oaks, moved away and relocated back with his family a few years ago. What a beautiful story of raising their family!

One of the things I really like about a Realtor, is honesty. and ethics, and that came across. very strong when we first met Jim and Darlene.



Frank: I grew up in Thousand Oaks and I went to high school here, Thousand Oaks High School, and all the way through junior college, and then moved away to Fresno State College, where I met Mimi.

We were in our very early twenties, but later on, he… I was a registered nurse in Santa Cruz and he talked me into moving down here, and I loved Thousand Oaks. It was kind of a standing joke in college that he told me how much better his community was than Santa Cruz, and I used to argue, and when I moved down here, he was right. Frank was right. This place was wonderful.

Frank: We decided we wanted to buy a house in Thousand Oaks and online we found a house that we really thought was interesting, and we came to look at it without a realtor. And so Jim and Darlene were the real estate agents at that time, and we loved the house, and so we had Jim and Darlene prepare an offer for us. And Jim and Darlene represented us, as well as the seller, which is a difficult thing to do.

Mimi: Yes.

Frank: And they presented an offer for us. We got accepted, and then throughout the entire escrow, everything went so smooth. I really felt comfortable. They communicate very well, and one of the things that I really like about a realtor, or real estate agents, is honesty and ethics, and that came across very strong when we first met both Jim and Darlene.

Mimi: Frank and I came across this home that we’re in right now, and just fell in love with it. Oh my goodness. The architecture’s beautiful. There’s all these archways and all the wooden beams on the ceiling. But Frank loved the vineyard! It had its own little vineyard in the backyard of Cabernet Sauvignon wine, and so that was a selling point for him.

Frank: The fact that it had that vineyard there, about an acre, was very… It sounded like it was gonna be very fun, and we’ve really enjoyed that. This year, which was the first harvest since we’ve been here, 600 bottles of wine, and we’re expecting this next year to be over a thousand. One of the other things we liked about this house, it has a pool room, detached pool room. So we turned it into a room with a pool table, and there was some discussion on whether we’d even use that or if we’d like it, but we use it every night. Thoroughly enjoy, you know, that part of the evening.

Mimi: And then we had to sell the previous house, and of course we asked Jim and Darlene to represent us again, and they went above and beyond. They exceeded our expectations by holding open houses every Sunday until the house sold. They stayed on it. They were wonderful.

We’ve already referred people to Jim and Darlene. It’s very comfortable. They’re very knowledgeable and experienced. Smooth transactions that we had with them, and I’d highly recommend them.