August 2022 Real Estate Market Update | Cut Through the Real Estate Noise!

August 19, 2022 | Market Update

Are we headed toward a real estate market just like 2008? Find out in the link below!
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There’s been some big changes in the real estate market over the last thirty days. Everyone’s talking about it… but not everyone’s saying the same thing. Let’s find out why.

After three years of hyper home appreciation and ultra competition between buyers, we’re moving toward a more normalized market.

If you’re a seller, your home is still appreciating, just not as rapidly as it has in the past two years.

If you’re a buyer, you’ll have renewed opportunities to purchase, without crowds of multiple offers driving already high listing prices even higher and having to give into excessive demands of sellers.

Moving forward, home buyers and sellers alike are going to get a little breathing room to think before moving ahead with their decision.

Some areas of the country will see big corrections.

Core Logic published this Market Conditions map recently of the metropolitan areas that are considered severely overpriced. Most are in Idaho, Texas, and Florida.

That means there could be investment opportunities outside California, and we’ll talk about what that means for you in a future video.

Are you worried about increased mortgage rates? The news is still talking about 6.5% interest rates! But even with yeo .75 percent increase last month, mortgage rates are actually coming in right around 5 percent for a $700,000 loan!

Amid all the financial stress facing the country, real estate is, and should continue to be strong.

Is that what you’ve been seeing?

Or is this?

What is this?

So much misinformation.

There are so many questions! So many opinions.

So, let’s talk about cutting through that noise. Who is saying what and what’s their motivation for their claims?

There’s no doubt that the real estate marketing is changing.

Call it what you want: A Correction. Cooling. Moderation.

But a crash is not one of the words notable economists are using.

Ah, but you know who is? News media and social media influencers. The headlines they run are carefully crafted to promote fear, doubt, and anxiety to capture your attention.

News writers get paid by driving you to scroll though advertisements and click through links. It’s tricky click bait to encourage readers to engage, and the media makes money when you do.

Youtube influencers amp it up to a whole new level by hawking fear of an impending crash in order to sell their own books, programs and get rich quick seminars.

Oh, and look. You can sign up for a 50% discounted price of $748 where you too can learn how to make money in a down market but act fast because this coupon may expire soon.

The quality of internet information has become the equivalent to supermarket tabloid journalism.

Research shows that 80% of people don’t read past the headline. And usually, the story under the headline doesn’t actually say what the headline implies.

So that 80% will go on believing, and repeating to others, the headline to the story they never read. Or fact checked.

Before you buy into the hype, please check out the source. Read or watch the full story.

Ask yourself. Who is saying this? What is their agenda? What are they selling?

Don’t be misled. Find out the facts.

But who can sort through the sources when the searing headlines incite such fear of missing out on too good to be true limited time offers?

And down the doom scrolling rabbit hole you go. It’s exhausting and time-consuming vetting this out.

But you don’t have to. We’ve already done it.

Look, there’s some things you can’t learn from Google.

And here’s one of them.


We’ve guided clients through four recessions over the past 35 years, and we’ve just about seen it all.

We’re here to share that knowledge with you. It’s free. We’re not selling books, programs, or subscriptions.

We have an arsenal of resources, affiliations, mentors, and memberships to key economic data to help us sort through the noise and hype to find the facts about the housing industry.

Then we clearly present that information so that you can make the right decision to plan your real estate future. And we keep you up to date. Because this market is fast moving and changing.

We’ll present it all in a calm, understandable and relatable format to help you stay in the know. So that you can determine if this is the right time in your life to buy or sell real estate.

Do you have a question or concern about the real estate market? Put it down in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer it backed up with solid data.

Not everyone agrees on how to interpret data. Even professional economists and housing analysts disagree. We’ll point that out and let you make your own decision.

You might as well start with the very next video. Are we headed for a market crash like 2008? Follow the link below to find out.

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